Data analyst

Collect, analyze and interpret the data entrusted to it. When performing data analysis and proper interpretation, a data analyst can assess the importance and effects of the risks associated with making certain decisions.


- Possess a high capacity for analysis and capacity for team collaboration.
- Training: Bachelor's degree or specialized training in mass data analysis.
- Demonstrable experience in analysis projects and advanced data processing.
- Advanced knowledge of "R".
- Management and management of visualization tools and creation of dashboards (Tableau, Qlik, Power BI).



In Aiara we are selected a data scientist to join the company for a European Big Data project. If you are a professional in data analysis and have a passion for Big Data projects, this is your opportunity. As part of our team, your functions will be:

- Carry out the extraction, analysis and treatment of large volumes of data (in batch and streaming mode).
- Application of statistical techniques: descriptive statistics, hypothesis contrasts, adjustment to distributions, dimensionality reduction.
- Application of machine learning techniques for supervised learning (neural networks) and unsupervised (clustering) for knowledge generation.
- Resolution of natural language processing problems (NLP).
- Identify and know the state of the art of data science tools (libraries, algorithms, frameworks) necessary for the development of the project.
- Visualize and communicate the results for validation and approval.