For Aiara, a programmer must have ambition for wanting to learn more, for us the perfect programmer must be a devourer of new information. Must be able to work in a team.

We have found excellent developers at a technical level but unable to communicate or conflicted when working with other colleagues, these have not worked well and make the development team progress more slowly. If you find a programmer who is able to communicate well and make equipment, you will have a diamond.
Intelligence, there is a lot about whether Google only hires developers for its Engineering teams with an IQ above average. This is obviously a great value but we value more, the analytical capacity and the ability to find solutions to problems efficiently.

Resilience, for us a key aspect is that developers endure failures and be patient when the appropriate line of code is not found, in the end they find what is the best solution.


- Senior FP Technician in application development or Computer Engineering
- Two years of experience in web technologies and services
- Developer with knowledge in order of importance in XML, SQL, Javascript and Java
- Development and unit / functional testing using Java technologies (JSE).
- Development of web applications with J2SE, Spring, JPA frameworks, etc.